HP AJ795A - HP MSA2312FC Dual Controller Array

HP AJ795A - HP MSA2312FC Dual Controller Array

HP AJ795A - HP MSA2312FC Dual Controller Array - Αποστολή εξπρές την ίδια μέρα σε όλο τον κόσμο
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise MSA2312fc. Chassis type: Rack (2U). Number of storage drives supported: 12, Supported storage drive interfaces: SAS, Serial ATA, Storage drive sizes supported: 2.5,3.5"

The latest HP StorageWorks 2000fc G2 Modular Smart Array features a high-performance 4Gb Fibre Channel connected array for efficient consolidation and functionality at affordable prices. It allows departmental and small to medium businesses customers to grow capacity as demands increase up to 36TB SAS or 120TB SAS MDL or SATA, and supports up to 64 hosts. With up to 512 LUNs and LUN sizes up to 16TB, the MSA2000fc G2 gives maximum configuration flexibility. The MSA2000fc allows mixing of enterprise-class, dual-ported SAS drives and archival-class SATA drives, and the new MSA2000fc G2 model supports both Large and Small Form Factor drives. The optional HP StorageWorks 2000 Modular Smart Array Snapshot Software offers increased data protection. The MSA2000fc G2 can be configured with a single controller for a low initial price with future expansion, or a dual controller model for situations that require higher availability and performance for the most demanding entry-level situations.

Easily managed highly affordable storage consolidation
• The HP StorageWorks 2000fc G2 Modular Smart Array delivers low cost, consolidated storage array technology to meet departmental and small to medium businesses requirements with 4 Gb Fibre Channel solutions matched with the newest Large and Small Form Factor SAS, SAS MDL and SATA MDL drives.

Start small and grow in number of supported servers and total capacity
• The MSA2000fc G2 array allows customers to grow their storage as demands increase up to 36TB SAS or 120TB SAS MDL SATA supporting up to 64 hosts for Fibre Channel attach. The MSA2000fc G2 array can support up to 4 LFF drive enclosures and 60 drives or 3 SFF drive enclosures and a maximum of 99 HDDs.

Comprehensive data protection in an easily administered SAN environment
• Reduce risk of IT failure with dual active/active controllers, dual-ported drives, and redundant hardware components.

2U of rack space
• The array unit itself only occupies 2U of rack space and includes 12 or 24-drive bays. There is no requirement for a special UPS that takes additional space to protect the cache because the protection comes standard within the unit. Each additional drive enclosure also occupies 2U of rack space.


Chassis type Rack (2U)
Installed storage drive type No
Number of storage drives supported 12
Maximum supported storage capacity 24 TB
Supported storage drive interfaces SAS, Serial ATA
Storage drives installed No
Storage drive sizes supported 2.5,3.5"
Data transfer rate 4 Gbit/s
Server operating systems supported Windows Server 2003 R2,Windows Server 2008
Other operating systems supported HP-UX 11


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